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Dear Mary,

Here's a note from my friend Deborah Wall who lives in Newtown, Sydney who
knew Peggy
well when she lived in Sydney. It wasn't until I read her English name
Peggy that I connected
her to her birth name.
We are all fine here.

>From Deborah:

*Yes, the same person you met.She was in remission for breast cancer but
she got it again, fatal this time. *
*She was very much involved with ‘Her Holiness Shri Mataji’ Burwood Centre
community *
*in the latter stage of her life.*
*Yes, the same person you met.*

John and I have just returned from a drive in the recently acquired
Campervan  after 14 nights away
and travelling 3,500 kms.  to Adelaide,  Bordertown - (Praesidium circa
1970 and where we lived until 1972),
onto Melbourne and then home via the NSW Saphire Coast.

Left home Monday 23rd Sept to Adelaide via the Hay Plains.
Stayed two nights and picked up the 17 boxes of  Frank Bremner's Archival
 Had various lunch, dinner, am tea
with friends and went to the Art Gallery.  Shared meals and conversations
Barry and Margaret Oakley, Rhonda Robins, John Boully, David and Sue White-
all living in Adelaide.
In Melbourne visited Katrin Ogilvy - still recovering from a fall onto her
new knee replacement
and Ian's death (Ogilvy - her ex ), stayed the night with Lis Banks and
enjoyed a good visit with  Garnet
who is in full time care at the Adventist long term facility.
Lis is  brave, determined and challenged by her imovemnt challenges
but still full of possibility.  We had a great time as usual in her

Then to the east via  Warragul and out to Ellinbank -  JT's country and
their organic farm.
Stayed with friends in Yarragon then along the southern coast to Sale for
the night.
Then exploration of the south coast through Vic and NSW towns of
Ballacoota, Narooma,
Bermagui and Ulladulla and Bowral to our home at Hazelbrook in the Blue

Apart from the opportunity to reconnect with our dear life time friends,
the impetus for this trip
was to collect the sorted files (by Jonathan Barker) from Frank Bremner's
immaculate collection.
The van worked well and we were very snug - with the 17 archive boxes in
the passage way!!
Returned home just before the heavy rains and storms began along the south

Blessings to you and friends,

Elaine and John

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> Oh Dharma
> Thanks for sharing this.
> Tsu Chen was my friend in Chicago. I got to know her at ITI In Mumbai. I
> can still hear her record playing and Tsu Chen pushing her glasses up her
> nose.
> Wanda and I went to see her off when she left the Order
> I wish she had not left
> I last saw her in Pune when she came for a Sahara yoga event. Did not have
> time to connect deeply.
> The wonder of the people we met and worked with
> Mary
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> Dear colleagues,
> Peggy Heng (Heng Tsu Chen) died yesterday in Sydney, Australia. She was
> part of the KL Religious House in the 70s and was a member of the Sahaja
> Yoga group in Sydney when she died. Sahaja Yoga has posted a lovely photo
> tribute to her on Facebook:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXeZE7eK_E8&feature=youtu.be
> regards
> Dharmalingam
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