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Dear Dharma,


Thank you for informing us of the completed life of Tsu Chen, one of the first two pioneering Asian interns (you were the other) to become part of the KL Religious House in 1969, and what gifts you were to our community, indeed.  The photos capture what I recall as her serenity and happiness, qualities she appears to have sustained through her mature years.  Sometime in the mid-1970s when Joe and I were in the NYRH, Tsu Chen sopped by to say hello – quite a lovely, sophisticated lady.  We lost touch after that and only knew she had at some point moved to Australia. I hope sometime we might learn of her journey and the important work she undertook after being with the ICA.  She was always such an industrious and committed person – a model intern.  Trust all is well with you.  Grace, peace and love,  Marilyn (and Joe)


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Dear colleagues,


Peggy Heng (Heng Tsu Chen) died yesterday in Sydney, Australia. She was part of the KL Religious House in the 70s and was a member of the Sahaja Yoga group in Sydney when she died. Sahaja Yoga has posted a lovely photo tribute to her on Facebook: 





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