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Thanks Charles.
The Wikipedia item is useful, too.

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      Hi Frank and all
My "project management" mostly in information technology projects involved a lot of risk management. 
It comes down to what could go wrong, so that you have plans in place to deal with eventualities. Also awareness to notice issues before they get out of hand. Some of these are quite basic, such as what happens if there is a flood, power failure, financial crisis or whatever. This is a big deal for pilots, where accidents happen when things aren't under control. Airline risks are usually OK until two or more things go wrong at once, leading to accidents. 
>From my perspective, contradictions focus more on the underlying things, while most risk management is fairly objective.
People in risk management do brainstorming and classifying risks, so that could look like an issues workshop. So there is some overlap. 
Over time, especially with the introduction of ISO 31000, risk management has moved to cover more systemic issues, so this would also feed the overlap with contradictions you have noticed.
Wikipedia has good coverage of risk management.





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