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I will not be able to participate, but I am most pleased about this honouring of my friend Bishop Karen.  Bless you for doing this. I’m sure that Joe, brother of a Methodist bishop, would be in the midst of this with his “Amen".

Bud Tillinghast

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> Mary Z., Marcia, and I (among others) are hosting a gathering at Lake Junaluska to honor Bishop Karen Oliveto and her wife Robin Ridenour at the beginning of the United Methodist Council of Bishops meeting.
> It is in the new Welcome Center next to the building where Order members gathered for the Springboard conference a decade ago.
> Here is the ritual that will open the meeting:
> Props:
> large black plate (with 'shalom' in 3 languages).
> 3 large round pieces of flatbread, rolled up on the plate
> large clear glass pitcher filled with water
> large clear glass cup [= chalice]
> large serving tray holding the above
> Actions:
> celebrant unrolls, elevates, and tears each piece of round bread in two, one at a time [* +  ** +  ***]
> celebrant tears off a tiny piece of bread and eats it
> celebrant pours water from the pitcher into the cup, intentionally letting it "run over" until it spills out onto the tray (without wetting the black tablecloth!)
> celebrant takes a sip of water
> celebrants distribute the 6 torn pieces of bread among the group to be passed and shared (as desired)
> Words (ad libbed):
> (while breaking the bread)
> We stand before the Word about the way life is and declare that our life is about brokenness, period. That the world we live in is just broken.* That our nation is deeply polarized.** And that our church body is deeply fragmented.*** The Word of Life is that when we dare to take our brokenness deeply into ourselves [eats bread] and feast on it for the sake of all beings, we are sustained in being.
> (while pouring the water)
> We stand before the Word about the way life is and declare that our life is about expenditure, period. That we can't hide from the truth that our being is just poured out so that all may have life abundant. The Word of Life is that when we dare to expend our lives to serve a human world, our cup of life runs over. And we are sustained in being [sips water]. 
> (while offering the bread) 
> Bread for the journey!
> Amen. Amin. Ameyn.
> **********************
> Let me know your thoughts.
> Marshall
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