[Oe List ...] George Holcombe Recovery & Healing Stage of Pancreatic Cancer

Holcombe Wanda wandah70 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 10:53:31 PST 2017

The Holcombe Family THANKS YOU for your caring support of cards, emails, food, visits and travel assistance to us during George’s journey to meet the challenge of Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis and during his surgery on September 8th at the new Dell Seaton Medical Center Hospital in Austin with the good care of his surgeon, staff and students at the new UT Medical School. The journey to date has not been without complications, but each Emergency Room visit and ride in the Ambulance from the ER in Round Rock to the Medical Center for Surgery to insert a stint for the cyst that had formed; has reminded us how recovering one’s health and healing happens with the care of medical staff, family and community near and far.  NOW George is on his new cancer healing journey for six months of weekly (each Wednesday) Chemo (Gemcitabine) infusions.  OR….when he and his doctor determines a change is needed.  

We were profoundly grateful that George’s cancer was found early at stage 2, but his Oncology Doctor recommended this particular Chemo treatment for extra precaution since over 50% of the people who have had Pancreatic Cancer have a recurring experience.  Plus since George is 84…..the hope is that this will give George the extra years of living and caring for others will happen as he faces and lives this healing life’s journey. 

Grace and Peace,
George & Wanda Holcombe
14900 Yellowleaf Trail, Austin TX 78728
Geo Cell:  512-252-2756
Geo Email:  geowanda1 at me.com <mailto:geowanda1 at me.com>
Wanda Cell:  512-619-3469
Wanda Email:  wandah70 at gmail.com <mailto:wandah70 at gmail.com>

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