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Dear Friends,

In this month of Thanksgiving and also designated by some as Native American Month, I invite you to read the article below, a reflection on Thanksgiving by Native American Jacqueline Keeler.  Much to ponder..

Also, below, a prayer of the Chippewa: For Hope, from the PC(USA) Book of Common Worship.

Ellie :)
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Thanksgiving: A Native American View - Pure Water Gazette 
Thanksgiving: A Native American View ... Jacqueline Keeler, ... Her work has appeared in Winds of Change, an American Indian journal.

For Hope

We pray that someday an arrow will be broken,
not in something or someone,
but by each of humankind,
to indicate peace, not violence.
Someday, oneness with creation,
rather than domination over creation,
will be the goal to be respected.
Someday fearlessness to love and make a difference
will be experienced by all people.
Then the eagle will carry our prayer for peace and love,
and the people of the red, white, yellow, brown, and black communities
can sit in the same circle together to communicate in love
and experience the presence of the Great Mystery in their midst.
Someday can be today for you and me.  Amen.

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