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marilyncrocker at juno.com marilyncrocker at juno.com
Sun May 27 15:01:32 PDT 2012

Hello again, Dear Mike,

We read your recent e-mail with sober concern, but also, as this is
Pentecost Sunday, with radical hope in the amazing power of the Spirit
that lives within each of us, and especially is manifest in your family
and your church community at this time.

We hold your whole family in our hearts and name you (and especially
Judith) in the prayers of our rural Maine community of faith.

In appreciation for so many profound moments shared with you --
Bananeiras, Atlanta, etc., etc.

Grace, peace and love,

Marilyn and Joe

Dr. Marilyn R. Crocker
123 Sanborn Road
West Newfield, ME 04095

On Sun, 27 May 2012 16:57:47 -0400 (EDT) Jayandem2 at aol.com writes:
Dear friends and colleagues:
First off, let me thank you for all the wonderful emails and cards you
have sent since hearing of Judith's fall and subsequent hospitalization. 
I can't stress more strongly how much they have meant to her and to me.
to hear from so many folks from all eras of our life.
I wish I could have a more encouraging note to send, but Judith is back
in the hospital as of last Wednesday.  She had been in Surrey Place Rehab
Center since April 17th.  they attempted to do as much occupational and
physical therapy as possible, but she continued to have severe pains in
the left leg that was broken just below the top of the femur.  That
really limited what they could accomplish, and she didn't make much
progress.  A bunch of other complications set in, particularly  a urine
infection, bad dehydration and undernourishment due to her total lack of
Anyway, she was readmitted to the hospital for more medical care than was
possible  at the rehab facility.  She is quite disabled, and certainly
needs all the good vibes and prayers that can come her way.
Meg and I are doing well, and we have wonderful caregivers that take good
care of both of us, (even though we hire them to only take care of Meg.) 
As I have mentioned previously, our wonderful church community also cares
so well for us.
I will keep you updated.
Grace, Peace, and Love,
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