[Oe List ...] Charles and Doris Hahn Reflect

Ken Fisher hkf232 at gmail.com
Mon May 14 10:42:43 PDT 2012

Dear Charles & Doris,

I just watched:

I Am One with All (Charles Hahn)
Will Trees Continue in History? (Doris Hahn)

It was a treat to see and hear you both again.  Thanks again to Michael May and Interior Mythos Journeys.

I appreciated revisiting Joe's 'talking tree' metaphor (experience) in the context of 'all that is' and ecology.  Of course I loved hearing you refer to the world that opens through the company of a dog.  Some anthropologists go so far as to suggest that in the process of domesticating dogs, human beings were able to expand our emotional repertoire.  Well, as a dog lover, I appreciate the story.

Your comments about the about-to-be-born needing a whole lot more that soccer and swimming - as in a developing interior life were most significant.

I remarried 19 months ago.  I am most fortunate at this time of my life to enjoy a partner who is committed to 'daily office'.  We have 20 minutes of contemplation, followed by prayer writing and a song from 'our book'.  Soon we will add a scripture conversation.

Let us pray for this decade.

Grace and Peace,


Ken Fisher
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