[Dialogue] “Study” is a problem for me these days (in other words, “figuring out what is really going on”).

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> “*Study” is a problem for me these days (in other words, “figuring out
> what is really going on”). With the tsunami of resources and the plethora
> of media, I find myself at sea trying to find firm ground to stand on, and
> an articulated perspective of what is going on that has some basis beyond
> my current opinions or those of my (currently) favored commentators. This
> emerging dilemma was recognized, last century, in the work of the staff and
> colleagues of The Ecumenical Institute of Chicago. In their courses and
> internal operations they spelled out an approach to “Study Methodology”
> that, for its time, seemed helpful. A half century later, I wonder how to
> outline an adequate approach to “study” .*
> *That is to say, what are 3 insights you have about what makes authentic
> study these days?  *
> 1 Have had some great studies in the Last Chapter 3 cohorts. We had 4 of
> us read The Five Invitations in a month. A two hour study every Monday led
> by a different person with a focus on grounding the author's insights in
> our lives. Having each of us lead a session was helpful but it was great to
> listen to people's examples from their owm lives
> 2. Having a group or just two to study together is great. Mary D'Souza
> and I read 'Yes to Life'- only two session but probably got twice as much
> out of reading when reading with somebody else
> 3. Charting got me through grad school and is still a reflective tool
> that keeps me focused- lead Bonhoeffer's Life Together- had to chart to
> begin to grasp his thinking.
> Thanks.  See attached outline of EI short course on study method.
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