[Dialogue] [Oe List ...] “Study” is a problem for me these days (in other words, “figuring out what is really going on”).

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 Thanks for raising the question. My three insights:

1. Some issue drives us to a particular study. Being conscious of this will add value to the study.2. We are taken up by ideas that are a response to that issue. Checking out those ideas through the study will make the process more useful.3. When a study challenges our understanding, we are on the track of a worthwhile study.

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“Study”is a problem for me these days (in other words, “figuring out whatis really going on”). With the tsunami of resources and theplethora of media, I find myself at sea trying to find firm groundto stand on, and an articulated perspective of what is going on thathas some basis beyond my current opinions or those of my (currently)favored commentators. This emerging dilemma was recognized, lastcentury, in the work of the staff and colleagues of The EcumenicalInstitute of Chicago. In their courses and internal operations theyspelled out an approach to “Study Methodology” that, for itstime, seemed helpful. A half century later, I wonder how to outlinean adequate approach to “study” .

Thatis to say, what are 3 insights you have about what makes authenticstudy these days?  

Thanks.  See attached outline of EI short course on study method.Jim Wiegel  

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