[Oe List ...] Tillich's students might join #MeToo, if any survive

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Thanks for the article, Jann. Many heroes come to mind, e.g., John F. Kennedy. Surprised about Tillich in the article you sent:

When we get down to who is without sin, I only think of Jesus, and have even wondered about his deep companionship with
women in the New Testament—a movie I can’t recall played on this question. Could he have been the son of Abba if he
had “made love”? Doubt if we’ll ever know, though he did wrestle mightily as a human being throughout his life.


P.S. This bit at the end about the author is interesting: Cynthia Garrity-Bond, feminist theologian and social ethicist, is completing her doctorate from Claremont Graduate University in women studies in religion, with a secondary focus in theology, ethics and culture. Her research interest includes feminist sexual theology, transnational feminism, animal theology/welfare, women and incarceration, historical theology with particular emphasis on religious movements of women, agency and resistance to ecclesial authority, embodiment and Mariology.

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Interested ?

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