[Oe List ...] Birthday Celebration

James Wiegel jfwiegel at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 2 11:12:52 PDT 2017

Hard to believe, Shanker Wiegel is turning 40 (so is his brother Dhondiram)
Jim Wiegel  

  Hi,I am sending an evite to everyone that might want to send a card or email to Shanker for his birthday.  I'm sure there are people you all know that I don't have email address for.Could you send them this link to the evite,  or ask that they email a birthday wish that you could pass along.   I know many people can't attend, but there is a request in the message that people who are far away send a card, email, or video.  Thank you,Lisa

|  | Tap to RSVP to Join us for a fun evening to celebrate ShankerYou're invited to Join us for a fun evening to celebrate Shanker - Click here to RSVPevite.me |

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