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Interesting review.  Here is a brief excerpt.

The book explores metaphorical interpretations of  Genesis–and Smoley engages in his own parables, which he returns to in his short, effective exegesis of practical mysticism. One of the unitive themes of How God Became God  is Smoley’s metaphor of a “water table underlying everything we call reality,” a transcendent consciousness, a “living, vibrant, moving presence…”

The world of the five senses…is simply a crust that floats on this eternal presence.
Smoley identifies this presence with the Ground of Being, or Spirit. And, he tells us,

We can say that there are points in this crust of reality where the water of the Spirit breaks through…Those “wells,” shall we say, are moments of encounter with the Sacred.
Despite its many desert-like stretches of barbarism, its faulty transmission, its biases and flagrant myths, the Bible, Smoley demonstrates, seethes beneath the surface with sacred springs. ♦

> Subject: How god became god
> http://parabola.org/2016/04/28/god-became-god-scholars-really-saying-god-bible/

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