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Shrop was a delightful colleague who could see through to the profound
spirit core of issues in our community and the world and was willing to
address them insightfully and incisively (what we used to call
"delivering the Word.")  All of your comments have rekindled his image
for me.  I had the opportunity to bring him onto my team at McDonald's
home office, where he served as Manager of Corporate Contributions back
in the early 80s.  I particularly remember him as the way-cool
percussionist in the beloved OE music combo called "The Blues Brothers." 
Indeed, we were enriched by the extravagant talents he brought to the
adventure of life in mission.

Marilyn Crocker

On Thu, 31 May 2012 10:37:58 -0500 "Otto, Ken" <ottok at crcl.net> writes:
I was also in this Academy with Evelyn and remember his anger about
asking permission to marry in the Order.  Every time I came into his
presence after Academy, winter of '74  humor and joy would enter my
being.  It was so good to see this man's courage and action.  I pray he
is at peasce with the Mystery now. 
Ken Otto

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Robert Shropshire taught my academy and made me laugh and he made me
think about racism, reverse racism, what blocks each of us from being our
potential is just a story, which we can change, simple as that. (Then he
got angry about getting married and he did a collegium which just blew
everyone away.)

He was also a facilitator for the Gibson Human Development Project
Consult in Gibson, North Carolina. I remember when he said he had never
seen a Southern town like Gibson before. He kept singing this song about
the company store under his breath. Those of us who were there knew what
he meant. And then he turned around and said that as a Black African
American man his role was about healing -  accountability, absolution and
healing. Then he went and did the Contradiction workshop. It was painful.

He held everyone accountable, white, black, American Indians,
everyone.Then he said it was time for forgiveness. The room was silent.
Everyone looked at the white Mayor, who ran the company store. Then it
was like a revival. Amen, Amen, Amens were said all around, started first
by the Black reverends, and the black school principal, then everyone....
 (Or at least that is how I remember it.)

Later,  he said, may be he would go to hell for this, but that is what he
needed to do. Amen to men of courage like Robert Shropshire. Sing the
Gibson Town Song under your breath and then Amazing Grace. 

His mother is named Evelyn and his daughter is named Evelyn...I never met
anyone besides Bob who knew another Evelyn. I am so sorry to hear of his
death. I somehow feel he is some where laughing with the Mystery
expecting great things from us all to carry out God's unfinished work. 

My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends and colleagues who
lived, and worked with Robert Shropshire, a very courageous man indeed.

Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook.  

On 5/31/2012 10:59 AM, jsloan45 at gmail.com wrote: 
I am saddened to hear of Robert's death. I often wondered what ever
happened with him. He, Carlos and I enjoyed many long and wrenching
conversations in appropriating being black in American and in the Order.
I have fond memories of teaching the Urban Academy with him. He was a
true treasure, and I pray that his soul is at peace. 

Joyce Sloan

On , E B <marosel2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> It is a sad day to hear of Robert's death. He was dean of my first and
second Academy.
> May God have mercy and welcome him into His Kingdom. 
> Our deepest condolences to his bereaved family.
> Elsa Batica
> Minneapolis, MN
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> Conna Wilkerson told me that Robert died Tuesday night at his mother's
home in Chicago.  A service will be held for him on Saturday.
> Wanda and I will never forget Robert.  When he arrived at Mowanjum, he
was the star of the show, everyone thought he was the greatest.  Years
later Robert and I had a great time playing music at the summer programs.
 I'm sure others of us have memories of Robert, too.
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