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I am saddened to hear of Robert's death. I often wondered what ever  
happened with him. He, Carlos and I enjoyed many long and wrenching  
conversations in appropriating being black in American and in the Order. I  
have fond memories of teaching the Urban Academy with him. He was a true  
treasure, and I pray that his soul is at peace.

Joyce Sloan

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> It is a sad day to hear of Robert's death. He was dean of my first and  
> second Academy.
> May God have mercy and welcome him into His Kingdom.
> Our deepest condolences to his bereaved family.
> Elsa Batica
> Minneapolis, MN

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> Conna Wilkerson told me that Robert died Tuesday night at his mother's  
> home in Chicago. A service will be held for him on Saturday.

> Wanda and I will never forget Robert. When he arrived at Mowanjum, he was  
> the star of the show, everyone thought he was the greatest. Years later  
> Robert and I had a great time playing music at the summer programs. I'm  
> sure others of us have memories of Robert, too.

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> hope when there is absolutely nothing to justify any hope? ~Joseph W.  
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