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Sitting in a China classroom on a break viewing your photos is heartening.

My portable board has been replaced by a classroom magnetic green board where little magnet disks serve as holders just as well as 3M's stick-ums!  Students' gaze at a center piece in the room and listen to each other converse and discourse eyeball-to-eyeball rather than to the teacher and the board.  Our bucket of methods are used when appropriate.

1962-2062 Wow!

I went for a haircut recently and my students no longer call me lao ye ye (grandpa) but lao da ye (uncle).  But not for long.  Looks like my colleagues are in the same ballpark!

j'aime la vie

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You are invited to view participationworks's photo album: ICA 50 50 2012

ICA 50 50 2012
May 19, 2012
by participationworks
41 photos taken at ICA 50 50 Saturday event

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Message from participationworks:
Here are the photos of the Southern California ICA 50 50 event, the highlite of which was building the Wall of Wonder. We were a small but hearty group and thoroughly ready to hand over the mantle to new and young leadership!

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