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On May 3, 2012, at 8:30 AM, Tracy Longacre wrote:

> Hmm, they sound like the Episcopal Church. Why did they decide to create a new organization?

Many were profoundly wounded by their experience with the R.C. church, but identified just as profoundly with being "Catholic." 

As far as I can discern this means at least:

- related to a continuous thread of symbolic leaders that goes back to the earliest church
- focused on the Eucharist as the central act associated with being the People of God
- grounded in daily living as a sacrament embodying Holy Mystery
- recovering an authentic form of an ancient tradition that got lost in institutionalization

Why create a new organization? The founders of the ECC identified with the Old Catholic Movement that traces its lineage back to the anti-papal movement in the Catholic church in Europe at the time of Vatican I in the late 19th century. None of the existing churches feels fresh, open, dynamic, and real. 

I'll have a richer train of thought before the year's out.

To Herman's comment: 
Very interesting about independent Catholic churches. Now tell us about:

• new monasticism
• emergent churches
• co-located congregations

Others will know more than I do about all three of these, but…

The new monasticism is a handle for a variety of intentional communities of faith involved in community service, many small, often urban, some with storefronts, some living in community. As far as I've read, emergent churches are exploring new language, new ways of engaging the world, maybe new theologies. (I don't know if many are wrestling as deeply as we have with grounding, transparency, and radical collegiality with other faith traditions.) The two co-located congregations I know about are Light of Christ Ecumenical Catholic Community and Bethany Lutheran Church in Longmont, Colorado. They share a building, worship space, various liturgies and ministries.


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