[Oe List ...] Address for the Shropshire children and family

Lynda Cock llc860 at triad.rr.com
Thu May 31 06:42:28 PDT 2012

Conna sent me this:  
Lynda, Thank you for your note. His mother is Evelyn Shropshire at 6658 S.
Kimbark, Chicago, IL. His children are Evelyn and Gregory Shropshire and
both live here in Oklahoma - close to me, so consequently, I have never
memorized their addresses. However you can send to them c/o me at 9932 E.
Wilshire Blvd, Spencer, OK 73084 and I can make sure they receive anything
that comes. 


Note that Conna's address is different from the one in the Directory, so
thought I'd forward this on.  
Also add new  preferred e-mail:  conna.wilkinson at gmail.com   
With care and sympathy for this family, we celebrate the life of one who
lived and journeyed with us for many years,  
 Lynda Cock 
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