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Norm and Judy Lindblad nj.lindblad at gmail.com
Wed May 23 09:37:10 PDT 2012

Sixteen amazing folks - six in the flesh and ten through letters and videos
- became a Wall of Wonder
on behalf of the Cleveland Region on Saturday, May 19, 2012, in Hamilton,
OH celebrating EI/ICA's 50th Anniversary. *

Those present included: Emma Melton, Cleveland; Ann Antenen our host at her
Berkeley Square Community in Hamilton; and Myra Griffin,
Brady Melton , Jr., Norm and Judy Lindblad, Cincinnati.  In spirit and by
YouTube: Mark, Jenelle and Tim Dove, Columbus; Jim and Joan Armour,
Cincinnati; Michael May, Bloomington, IN; John Gibson, Indianapolis, IN;
Nancy Lanphear, Bothel, WA; Frank Knutson, Redlands, CA; Gordon Harper,
Seattle, WA, via e-mail and video; Doris Jane Conway, Granville, OH; and
Suzanne Wason, San Antonio, TX, via Brady's cell phone!  All are "Alumni"
or current residents of this "Region".

An *In Memorium* table bore the pictures of deceased colleagues Jay
Antenen, Anita Gibson, and Barbara Barkony.

As we sang "Believe - That The Time Has Come" we marvelled at how
contemporary the words felt in our mouths.
Our song sheet is available if you're interested or curious.

Memories were shared from EG (Emerging Generation) adventures to Global
Odysseys, and amazing, urgent requests for funds and faithful responses.   Myra
Griffin said that she finds herself reflecting, "now where did I learn
this?" and so often it is ICA. Then she remembers the person who taught or
said it and the memories just flow...it"s like her Meditative Council.  Emma
and Brady Melton shared a "Recipe" for Second and Third  Generation
involvement in "The Movement" that bridged the past, present, and future.
 It will be posted soon on the ICA-USA website.  Videos of Ohio Teacher of
the Year for 2011, Tim Dove, and the Phoenix Middle School in Worthington,
OH and Gordon Harper's ToP Trainers Crowd Meeting the Occupy Crowd also
seeded our images of the future.

We discerned a few other local building blocks for the future: the
Sustainable Indiana 2016 initiative that John Gibson is working on; an Art
therapy program for persons with Alzheimer's that Ann Antenen has sponsored
in her retirement community; Brady Melton's "Yes I Am" program for youth
drawing on Imaginal Education; and Emma Melton's  "Breakthrough Schools"
and "Greater Cleveland Congregations" collaborative.

The day concluded with Celebrations...Ann's  87th Birthday and Norm and
Judy's 50th Wedding Anniversary... 21 Challenges, and Hopes for the Future
"Strips" were created for the Anniversary Fabric Artform.
In closing we again affirmed that* "These Are The Times and We Are The
**Pictures will follow in separate e-mail.*
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