[Dialogue] Interested in being a part of a group studying CHOOSING EARTH over the next couple of months?

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             Thank you for putting this together, Jim!   I would like to
attend.  I understand it starts Monday evening at 8 p.m. Central, right?
             Please send a link for the Zoom meeting.  Lewie and I are both
planning to attend, but will be in different cities Monday, so please add a
             link to my email as well...see below.

       Looking forward,

      Joyce Bonafield-Pierce
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> David Rebstock and I are quite interested in looking at this.  See what
> you think.  Check out the website.  We hope to find a number of you who are
> interested -- as participants, session organizers, small group leaders, and
> technical producers.  JOIN US next Monday at 8:00 pm Chicago time to get
> ourselves organized!!
>   Home - Choosing Earth <https://choosingearth.org/>
> Home - Choosing Earth
> The goal of the Choosing Earth Project is to foster understanding of the
> magnitude, speed and depth of challenge...
> <https://choosingearth.org/>
> The book is available there as a downloadable pdf, or you can purchase it
> as an ebook at Amazon.  There is also a documentary video accessible and
> several other resources.  I have been in touch with the organizers and they
> have made available a 7 session outline and guide for studying the book.
> I am hopeful that this can open up a broader conversation, one that can
> include multiple generations.
> *Here is a 1 paragraph description that speaks.*
> *Choosing Earth *draws upon a lifetime of research by the author and
> looks a half-century into the future to explore how our world might evolve
> into a mature, planetary civilization that celebrates the miracle of life.
> Decade by decade, it describes stages of great transition that
> realistically could lie ahead. Where many see the single trend of growing
> climate disruption producing a catastrophic collapse, *Choosing Earth *sees
> a purposeful rite of passage for humanity where we move beyond our
> adolescent stage of development and into our early adulthood. With greater
> maturity, we can move from exploiting the Earth and each other to caring
> for all of life — and a sustainable and purposeful future can unfold.
> The next paragraph outlines the approach of the book.
> As further introduction, it is important to add that, to explore this
> great transition, Choosing Earth develops three perspectives often missing
> from the current discussion:
> 1. Look Wide: Look beyond single factors such as global warming and
> include a wide range of trends including climate disruption, social and
> economic inequities, resource depletion, species extinction, population
> growth, and much more.
> 2. Look Deep: Look beneath the outer trends such as climate change and
> species extinction to include the inner realities of evolving psychology,
> values, culture, consciousness, and paradigms.
> 3. Look Long: Look far into the future — much farther than the short run
> of the next five or ten years. Trends that are uncertain and ambiguous in
> the short run become much clearer when extrapolated to the longer run of
> the next 50 years.
> By looking wide, deep and long, Choosing Earth constructs a realistic
> story or scenario describing this great transition.
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