[Dialogue] islamic Declaration on Climate Change

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Recently I have found it difficult to keep up with good news re climate change.  

For example, in August I read that Islamic leaders representing 20 nations wrote the “Islamic Call to Action on Climate Change” (http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/aug/18/islamic-leaders-issue-bold-call-rapid-phase-out-fossil-fuels).  Attached is a one page ‘summary’ of the declaration with the declaration itself following.

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As I went to email this to you, I discovered that October 8-9 was the 6th Islamic Conference of Environmental Ministers, who also issued a declaration.  I have not yet seen it; but my guess is that it is built upon the attached declaration.  

The declaration attached is short, clear and practical. I find myself hope-filled knowing that the faith community is now responding so dramatically with the Catholic church (with the Pope’s encyclical) and Islamic community (with this declaration) calling for rapid local and global responses.  I will be interested in your reflections on this. 


Karen Snyder Troxel

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