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>From my perspective the Good News is that the world did not come to an apocalyptic end last week as predicted by a few false prophets leading a mass of marginalized people who, in a famous turn of phrase, "cling to their guns and religion."
 Putting two and two together, I've begun to realize that I'm living in a 19th century religious subculture that is focusing getting out of this world by praying The End will soon come and deliver them and their fellow Born Again True Believers from this Evil human catastrophe that they're making unbelievably worse by supporting the Tea Party agenda.
 In other words, their judgmental belief system leads to a NEGATIVE self-destructive world view that undercuts any and all efforts to combat our worst human propensities. This produces rabid individualism, survivalism, and the loaded gun culture.
 When young people have guns but no sense of hope, we should not be surprised when a few decide to use them to take out some innocents before ending their lives in a blaze of notoriety. Hey, "Stuff happens!" Again and again and again.
 When the notorious Kim Davis embraces a divisive and judgmental belief system/religious cult to feel relieved of her own judgmental view of her sexual sins, she uses her public office to take out her judgmental moralism on folks she's decided don't meet her personal criteria of Holiness.
 And then there's The Donald, who's using his money, his mouth, and his hair style to pander to this large audience of frustrated voters who don't exactly know what they want, but are unhappy with what they've got and blaming it all on the Democrats.
 All this substitutes bullets and verbal confrontation for real, life-changing human communication.
 I wonder how all this will turn out in the next election. And I tend to avoid vulnerable public spaces that our next mass murderer may find attractive.--Marshall Jones
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