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The UMC that I grew up in has contributed $1000 from my father's
designated-for-missions part of his estate to the church.  Unfortunately, it
was sent just weeks before we got word of the doubling.  However, if every
UMC congregation represented on this list serve would rally $500 which would
be doubled into $1000, we could cover that budgeted amount for the Zimbabwe
HIV/AIDs account and more.  
Thank you, Richard, for your leadership in this project and to OliveAnn and
Jim for their follow-up.  Heed OliveAnn's words below and call early before
the doubling cap
is reached.  
We also give thanks for the work of Louise and John Singleton, Sandra and
Bob True, and many others who have worked diligently on this project through
the years.  As you may recall, we have two grandchildren adopted from
Ethiopia's crowded orphanages making us very aware of the scourge of
HIV/AIDS all across Africa's poorest countries. Programs such as this one
have high potential for being replicated.  
With care and gratitude,
Lynda and John

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(-from OliveAnn Slotta in Denver)
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Thank you, Dick, for calling our attention to this extraordinary
opportunity. Everyone can "double their donation money" to an ICA supported
and inspired Zimbabwe HIV/AIDS Project. I have been working to remind
friends and Denver area United Methodists of this unique opportunity.
Yesterday, with a nudge from local ICA colleague Clarence Snelling, I found
an article in the Nov./Dec. issue of the UMC publication The Advance (see
pg. 39) and became a true believer! I learned that this Special Advance of
the United Methodist Church features over 850 approved programs, and is
supported by more than 3000 non-profit partners. "Giving Tuesday" is a way
of giving back that takes place nationwide on Dec. 3; all donations will be
matched, you need not be a United Methodist to participate. (List serve
readers: You may recall that this HIV/AIDS approved program was initiated by
Dick Alton's United Methodist Church in Oak Park, Illinois under Dick
leadership. See also his March 21st e-mail to each of the list serves. And
of course, Dick has more riveting background information, which he has sent
me and you can presumably also receive from him.)
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Please note these important details --the matching program caps at $500,000
total and $10,000 per project, implying that, like John Wesley, you might
want to arise early on the 3rd to make your donation (or stay up until
midnight on the 2nd); Louise Singleton notes that this potential sum
constitutes a full year of operating money for the Zimbabwe project! Again,
the project number is #3021529. Donations must be made through the website
below using a credit card; they may be made by individuals or congregations.
If you are a member of a United Methodist Church, it may not be too late to
speak to your Missions Commission about designating some of their global
mission dollars for this Zimbabwe HIV/AIDS Special Advance approved program
with matching funds on December 3rd. To donate, on December 3rd go to:
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Yours in mission,
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On Nov 3, 2013, at 9:24 AM, Richard Alton wrote:

Dear Colleagues, great way to support ICA's global work. Every dollar you
give will be matched.
You give on December 3 by credit card. See below for details
Zimbabwe HIV/AIDS: Advanced Special number 3021529:
 ICA Zimbabwe's HIV/AIDS project has been chosen as an Advanced Special of
the United Methodist Church's Board of Global Ministries.  The Zimbabwe
project is a comprehensive community based approach to addressing HIV/AIDS.
It starts with a massive push on door-to-door testing followed by working
with HIV+ people using a program developed by Stanford University Medical
School, Living Well with AIDS, a 7 week program to teach self management
skills. Finally, this flows into savings/social support groups called
Self-Help Groups. The Zimbabwe project will work with 50 villages involving
500,000 people over the next 3 years. Zimbabwe needs your support: Zimbabwe
is experiencing one of the harshest AIDS epidemics in the world. In the last
decade the population has decreased by four million, infant mortality has
doubled and the average life expectancy for women, who are particularly
affected by Zimbabwe's AIDS epidemic, is 34-the lowest anywhere in the
world. Zimbabwe has a higher number of orphans, in proportion to its
population, than any other country in the world.

"The United Methodist Board of Global Ministries is participating in UMC
-UMC-GivingTuesday-Promises-to-Multiply-Impact>  #GivingTuesday on December
3, 2013. Gifts made online through The Advance on UMC #GivingTuesday will be
matched dollar for dollar, meaning that 200 percent of every donation
through your Advance number on December 3 will directly go to impact your
ministry. This is a great opportunity for you to reach out through your
networks and let them know about this one-day event and how it can support
this important work."

Dick Alton, (Richard.alton at gmail.com; 773.344.7172)



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