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Wed Nov 27 12:23:40 PST 2013

For Bill Salmon and others "headed east"

If you click this link you will see a google document with images for HH,
the book cover and the original chart from the Odyssey construct from 1969.
This is the link:

The chart was found a a recent Archives Sojourn. Jack did a collegium and
found a passage where HH woke-up from his isolation and reconnected to the
League via the Archives. It made everyone there grin when he read. We were
talking about the 50/50 year view that you can have -maybe should have when
hanging around archives: 50 years from the past, 50 years for the future.
The challenge is to find and express the future of our past.

Point made I remember well was: "nostalgia isn't what it used to be" and
the "archives are about finding the future of our shared past".

I believe Wendell Refior is creating an Archive Collection that will be
available online. Maybe the Journey to the East conversations should be
available on-line. I expect he would welcome help, suggestions and some
contributions to the collection if you have some to share.

Send Marge Philbrook thanksgiving wishes, she's found things in the
Archives you and I have forgotten, and should be available to emerging
generations in the 21st C for whom the 20th C is "mythical dreamtime".

Steve Harrington
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