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>From Bob Hanson (ko shin) re the piece at the bottom of the page.



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John I have forgotten how to get this on the OE or ICA network, but thought
some might be interested in this..I remember my visits to the project there.


peace, ko shin, Bob Hanson


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Subject: Jeju Island to Afghanistan: Many Faces Oppose U.S. Bases


Afghanistan to Jeju Island: Many Faces Say No U.S. Bases

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1cdc77efb2&e=52b590cd6a> Voices for Creative Nonviolence

South Koreans on Jeju Island and the Afghan Peace Volunteers Say "No!" to
U.S. Military Bases
by Hakim and the Afghan Peace Volunteers
November 14, 2013



APV, Ghulam Hussein: When did the people of Gangjeong Village in Jeju Island
start their struggle?

Jeju Island activist, Sung Hee: In 2007, the Republic of Korea military
quietly sneaked into the village, without the knowledge of most villagers.
As soon as the villagers realized the navy's intention to build the naval
base in their hometown, the villagers non-violently protested in whatever
ways they could, including walking around Jeju Island in protest. A
Jeju-born female member of the South Korean National Assembly held a 27-day
hunger strike. There are about 1,900 villagers in Gangjeong Village and in a
vote on August 20 that year, 94% voted in opposition to the construction of
Jeju Naval Base.

APV, Ali: The Afghan Peace Volunteers are mainly young. Are there many young
people in your work?

Jeju Island Activist, Paco: Yes, we have people as young as 13 attending our
week-long Peace Schools. We also have grandfathers and grandmothers.

APV, Abdulhai: We understand that Jeju Island has UNESCO Heritage sites. Has
the UN or UNESCO protested against the military base construction?

Jeju Island Activist, Paco: UNESCO has been evading our requests for more
information. We asked for a map of the exact boundaries of the UNESCO
Heritage Sites because we had conflicting information, but they wouldn't
help us.

APV, Abdulhai: Afghanistan also has UNESCO Heritage sites like Band-i-Amir
in Bamiyan Province. So, Afghanistan and Jeju Island have the same struggle
against militarism destroying their land and people.

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Killer Drones- Vehicle of Empire

November 22

VCNV will help present this workshop. The next generation of drones,
developed by GA Tech, tested at Ft. Benning, will "hunt, identify, and kill
based on calculations made by software, not decisions made by humans."

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Buddy Bell and Kathy Kelly Interviewed on Chicago Public Radio's Worldview
November 7, 2013

Kathy Kelly has visited Afghanistan a dozen times. She says that the United
States should be investing more in humanitarian efforts there and less in
military aid. Kelly and Buddy Bell, fellow co-coordinator of the group
Voices for Creative Non-Violence, join us to discuss their latest trip to
Kabul and US policy in Afghanistan.

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Where Days Are Stones

By David Smith-Ferri

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and humanity while experiencing the deprivations of war and sanctions

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