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Hi folks,

If anyone is interested in learning more about a developing film/websites project about the life. writings, and contemporary implications of the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (French priest, paleontologist, and author whose thinking and writing--integrating science/evolution and religion--were foundational to the paradigm and work of the Institute), check out the info with link below.

The task before us now, 
        if we would not perish, 
                is to shake off our ancient prejudices and 
                    to build the earth.

                                        ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Ellie Stock
elliestock at aol.com 


. . . Mary and Frank Frost live in VA near DC.  Frank is an award-winning producer especially recognized for bringing religion to the public marketplace through a number of television documentaries on religious and spiritual issues and personalities. Several have already been shown on PBS.

 Presently, he and his wife/co-producer Mary, are deeply engaged in creating a Television Biography of Teilhard de Chardin. They are well along the way with the project, having already done extensive field work in France, England and just recently, in China.  In all three places, they had access to key personalities, archives, geologic sites, etc., all central to Teilhard's life.

 Their project also includes a website, www.teilhardproject.com, which they  hope will provide a way for viewers of their documentary and others to pursue the ideas of Teilhard that interest them in dialogue with others. They are hoping to provide links to [other] sites, encouraging dialogue about evolution and how it enhances our religious convictions. . .


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