[Dialogue] Prayer for the Philippines

Wilson Priscilla Pris at TeamTechPress.com
Thu Nov 7 04:57:25 PST 2013

A young man who I knew in the youth group in Chicago years ago (E Eric Hultman) now lives in Korea and spends time with friends in the Philippines.
He posted on Facebook this morning that a super typhoon is headed right for Cebu Island.

I remember the month that Rodney spent in Sudtonggan on Cebu in 1976. He spent his 50th birthday there. Yesterday would have been his 87th.
Rodney was there when the Prathers were there. Quimbys were there part of the time Rodney was...as well as Galbreaths.
Please include the Philippines in your prayers today. 
Does anyone know if we still have colleagues there?

I looked up Sudtonggan on Google and was surprised. It looks like it is a suburb now...no longer a village.

Praying for all of the folks there.

Priscilla H Wilson
Prairie Village, KS
Pris at TeamTechPress.com

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